It’s never “just business,” it’s always personal

Active Accounting Group takes time to unwind with Corporate D Stress

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Stress costs Australian business in excess of $15 billion dollars per year, and employers lose on average 3.2 days per year per employee as a direct result of stress.


Further stats show that 75-95% of all doctors’ visits can now be correlated to some form of stress. Stress is a key contributor to the 6 major causes of death globally. Stress and burnout are now recognised by the World Health Organisation as a disease. In other words, Chronic Stress is killing us and we don’t even realise!

Corporate D Stress visited us at the Active Accounting Group headquarters last month to support us in enhancing the health and well-being of our biggest asset - our people - by working together to identify, reduce and manage stress.

Corporate D Stress are passionate about providing tools and strategies that every individual on the planet can implement into their daily routine right now to identify, reduce, manage stress and build resilience in both their personal and professional lives. As a bi product of managing stress, energy levels, productivity, happiness levels and performance are also improved.

The team at Active Accounting Group took a lot on board from their session and are looking forward to implementing the vast range of newly acquired techniques and practices for managing stress.

To learn more about the Corporate D Stress workshops, consultation and coaching programs please get in touch with Ryan Fibbens on 0403 579 278 or, or visit their website at



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