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Compare your small business energy spend with new tool

The Australian Government and Xero have launched the new Small Business Energy Check tool to assist small businesses in monitoring their energy spend. The tool works by comparing the data you enter to the other businesses and industries in the area. 

This tool has been crafted to help business owners understand how their energy spend compares to other businesses and can help you identify whether you should be asking for a better energy deal. The Small Business Energy Check tool can also guide you through how to talk to business experts about reducing your bill. 

The tool is designed for small businesses that: 

  • Have up to 20 staff 
  • Earn up to $10 million revenue 
  • Are located anywhere in Australia 
  • Operate out of any type of premises

The tool has been identified as useful for: 

  • Small business owners or workers 
  • Accountants or Bookkeepers 
  • Business advisers 
  • Energy experts 

The tool is easy to use and can produce results in 3 easy steps that only ask for non-identifying information, allowing your data to remain confidential. The site offers free, independent advice and is not affiliated with any energy retailers.

The tool is funded by the Australian Government through the Department of Environment and Energy as part of its $11.7 million Business Energy Advice Program.  It is built on a statistical model using aggregated, anonymised data from Xero Small Business Insights (SBI). It includes spending data from a sample of hundreds of thousands of Australian small businesses on Xero, a cloud-based accounting platform. The result is a benchmark that lets Australian small businesses compare their energy spend with similar businesses in their region. The goal of this program is to help small businesses compare and save money on their energy bills.

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