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Feel the Power - How Kolbe changed the way Active Accounting Group works

In 2014, Active Accounting Group engaged Jason Kolevski (or as we call him ‘JK’) to provide the tools and mentorship that would shift the way we work together to this day.

 From the outset, the entire team participated in a workshop that raised our awareness of our Instinctive Patterns and how we needed to:

  • Communicate with each other

  • Create Training specific to each person

  • Factors that influence how we run our Employment process

  • Understand how our differences can be leveraged for Peak Performance

  • And so much more around our culture & team engagement

Since this workshop, Active Accounting Group has seen improved productivity and an increase in staff retention. We attribute the happier workplace environment to the understanding and acceptance that has come through understanding how to communicate based on the individual persons Kolbe.

 This Instinctive Profiling tool is called Kolbe®, and now we want to introduce you to the same powerful tool by inviting you to a ½ day workshop held on 31st October, which will be an eye opener to say the least and we are sure you will greatly benefit from.

 You can attend on your own or take your key team members with you.

 This workshop is for Business Leaders, Sales Professionals & Teams who want to manage their Mental Energy for peak performance in Business & Life.

Understand the patterns that hold you back and learn techniques to achieve more in a productive and powerful way.

At this workshop, Australia's consultants, Jason & Linda Kolevski will unveil how your own specific individual instincts relate to your work, relationships, communication and success in all areas in life.

Each attendee will complete their own unique profile online prior to arrival and receive their tailored report & workbook at the event.

Tickets can be secured here.

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Tickets can be secured here:

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