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Sale and Succession Planning

For employees, the government has set a mandatory amount which their employer must contribute into superannuation on their behalf in order to support the funding of that person’s retirement.AAG Services Graphic 9

​Many business owners however, rely on the fact that “their business is their super;" a statement we often hear business owners say.

​So it’s absolutely crucial that your business is set up to maximise the value, so that when you decide to retire, you can extract the rewards of your years of labour.

​Whether you are moving on to a new business or securing your retirement funds, a successful transfer is crucial and doesn’t happen by accident (….not well anyway!)

​The decisions you make about how to sell have major legal and tax consequences. We'll help you right through the sales process, from making a correct valuation to marketing your business. Our tax experience will ensure you organise the proceedings to take advantage of the many sale-of-business tax exemptions that exist.

We'll even take calls from prospective buyers and deal with solicitors and banks.

​You should act as early as possible in considering the future.

​Having a documented Succession Plan, that shows a pathway to your exit of the business, can take considerable stress away from an often emotionally challenging time.

We encourage that you speak with us at least 2 years before the actual likely sale date so we can ensure your best outcome is achieved. This includes making sure profit is maximised and issues that may reduce the sale value are addressed.

Good planning covers all likely events, including a future sale or a transfer of the business within the family. As well, you need to make an effective will and have all legal documents for the business in order. We can assist on the financial aspects of any legal matter.