It’s never “just business,” it’s always personal

David Woods


What I love: I absolutely love to contribute to my client’s lives by helping them grow. Our conversations are focussed more on their direction, ambition and what they love doing as opposed to just the “numbers stuff”.

​I truly believe that through a strong relationship and connection, I am able to better understand what they really want from their accountant and go about achieving that.

​Competitive by nature, I relish at the opportunity to identify new and better ways for my clients often finding prior year tax savings that were overlooked.

​For over a decade I have coached children through Tennis and just as with their development, place a great deal of emphasis on constantly improving myself and those around me.

Teamwork is key: In 2014 I was fortunate enough to establish my own business within a larger group ensuring I am equipped with a strong team to support my clients and make a bigger difference.

The focus for my clients; - Apart from providing essential accounting such as Financials & Compliance, my particular speciality is around Business Advisory, Self Managed Superannuation Funds and Cash Flow analysis.

​Why we should connect: If you find yourself wondering whether the relationship you have with your accountant is too formal, or you're not completely comfortable to just pick up the phone and have a chat about your concerns or ideas prior to making a business decision; then we need to chat. I want you to feel comfortable to call me anytime, and in fact, I encourage it!

David Woods

David Woods

D. Woods Accounting