It’s never “just business,” it’s always personal

Our Team

Growth in every way

Each of our staff are part of an ongoing Team Success Mentoring program where they are exposed to philosophies and concepts to enable them to foster personal growth and development.

Right from the outset, using an advanced recruitment process, Active Accounting Group, will only employ team members whose natural instincts (measured using psychometric profiling) align to the role requirements. This ensures that every person has an opportunity to thrive at work creating a happy workplace.

Happy team equals happy clients!


Vicki Sanders

Tanya Jones

Tanya Jones

Simon Walker

Simon Walker

Kylie Gallagher

Kylie Gallagher

Helen Toft

Helen Toft

Hannah Towle

Hannah Towle

Hannah Strawhorn

Hannah Strawhorn

Erin Byrnes2

Erin Byrnes

David Woods2

David Woods

Cassandra Banks2

Cassandra Banks

Brett Walker2

Brett Walker

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Aura Amaya

Staff Photos 5

Cassi Carpenter


Karin Lewington


Sara McCready


Gregory Ryan

Courtney 2

Courtney Thomas


Bronte Dodds