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Cash Flow Improvement and Growth Planning


We’ve all heard the saying in business that “Cash is King”! It’s the lifeblood of every healthy functioning business.

AAG Services Graphic 01However, without a thorough understanding of the mechanics behind the “flow” of cash, it is very easy to spend what you don’t actually have.

We have tools that we can support you with to ensure you monitor and manage the flow of money through your business that help you make necessary changes to improve your cash flow.

When you are able to forecast cash flow and act promptly to deal with anticipated shortfalls, your business will run much more smoothly.

You can grow your business more quickly through the options we discuss.

Why spend all your time trying to collect old debtors to simply meet your shortfalls, when you can be one step ahead and be proactively growing your business!

Call now to find your business Cashflow Story today using our unique Cashflow Story software.



AAG Services Graphic 8The old adage of “if you’re not growing, you’re dying” rings true now more than ever.

With the influence of technology and the vast amount of information readily available to consumers, every business must have a strong focus on growing.

​This can be more easily said than done though. When you’re busy meeting customer’s needs, it’s difficult to take an entrepreneurial view of the business.

Active Accounting Group has both experience and tools to show you the areas within your operation that need more attention.

Here is the checklist we use to assess how your business is tracking:

  • innovation
  • products and services
  • margins
  • cash flow
  • people
  • clients, and
  • sales, distribution and marketing

A business benefits from measuring performance in all of these areas. The knowledge you gain will inform your business decisions and help you stride ahead confidently.

You'll also learn how to improve your management processes. In this way, you'll build a structure that supports your goals as the owner.