It’s never “just business,” it’s always personal

Brett Walker


What I love: I really enjoy helping my clients and solving their business problems, tackling the more difficult jobs that many accountants would steer away from is an absolute highlight.

​I treat my clients like they are my friends and give them the personal attention that makes the difference towards their business.

​I’m passionate about all levels of accounting work; from supporting a client to listing on the stock exchange, through to advising family owned small businesses on everyday business decisions; ultimately it’s the relationships that really matter to me.

Teamwork is key: my business is backed by a strong team of dynamic accountants and administrators that allow me to focus on the higher level interactions with my clients.

​The culture we have created is about collaboration and responsiveness; a key attribute that my clients have enjoyed the benefit of.

​People often comment on how efficiently I tend to get things done. The reality is I am so focused on service, and understand how important it is for my clients to get their problems solved straight away.

The focus for my clients (apart from providing essential accounting such as Financials & Compliance) and my particular speciality is Tax Planning Business Advisory for small to medium level businesses, I love being the go to person for any of the day to day questions a business owner has in their business – from insurances and superannuation to staffing and HR issues.

Why we should connect: Being a Fellow of the Chartered Accountants and Member of the NTAA & NTIA (both industry bodies), I find myself immersed into the passion of my field.

My clients value my input as if I was their business partner and I have spent time as a Board Member of both business and sporting organisations.

​If you want to feel like your accountant is more like your partner and sounding board in the success of your business; then we would get on really well. Give me a call to have a chat and we can work it out together!

Brett Walker

Brett Walker

B. Walker Accounting