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Buying or starting a Business

We often have discussions with clients that are considering purchasing or starting a new business. This is quite exciting and the adrenaline of this process can often be overwhelming.

​The pre-purchase advice that Active Accounting Group provides could be one of the best investments you’ll ever make.

The benefits are many. You’ll receive a true appraisal of the business, protecting you against paying too much.

​Rigorous checks: As well as checking the adequacy of cash flow, we review past performance to ensure that the business is growing not declining and we benchmark results against industry standards. We assess the reasonableness of expenses and identify any missing or understated amounts.

​Minimising tax: If you decide to purchase, we can show you the most tax-effective way to structure your ownership of the business. We ensure that GST treatment of the purchase is correct and that prepaid amounts, which affect cash flow and therefore the value of the business, are taken into account.

We help you negotiate to buy the business at true value. Our appraisals use independently provided business sale information from thousands of local and Australia wide business sales.

​Start with care: Founding a new business is even riskier than buying an established business. We’ll test the viability of your business plan and help you structure the business for most profit and least tax.

​We can help you with all aspects of a start-up: from naming the business to budgeting and funding; from insurance and superannuation to marketing and distribution; and from management support to developing the business and measuring your success. We also assist with ascertaining and applying for any government, industry or research grants for which you may be eligible.

​Set for success: With our expert help, your peace of mind comes from knowing that you have bought or founded a solid business with good prospects for growth and profit as you work towards financial independence.